Saturday, November 1, 2008


I don't know why my pictures are getting chopped up but I've been trying to fix it and I'm totally at a enjoy HALF of the pictures I took. Ugh.

Happy Halloween...late again.

Maddie's surgery Tuesday went well. She had her second set of tubes put in her ears and had her adnoids taken out. Unfortunately Dallin brought home a pretty nasty cold bug that she has caught (along with Todd and I) and with it and the post-surgery sore throat she's pretty miserable. She's been watching Shrek 2 and 3 a lot (better than Dora or Max and Ruby for 4 days straight!!)Thank goodness for good medication...

Maddie wanted to go TOTing last night so we went to the churches Trunk or Treat. She was SO cute saying "Twick or Tweet" "Thank YOU" to everyone who gave her candy. She decided last minute that she did NOT want to be Cinderella, she wanted to be a pirate like her brother so I threw her costume together in about 5 one knew what she was but she was cute anyway.

Dallin was Captain Jack Sparrow (again) This costume will probably fit again next year too but he said he needs a sword.

And what is this? Gum in Maddie's hair. Her hair is very fine and if I cut that part out she'd have a pretty significant bald spot. So I took the Peanut Butter to it. Thankfully it all came out with little effort, although she was ticked I had to wash her hair out but there was no way I'd sleep with her next to me smelling like minty peanut butter. Blech.