Monday, January 26, 2009

Anyone out there?

Good grief! I post 3 posts full of pictures and I got ONE comment (Thanks Heidi!). I'm not feeling the blogging love people! Come on! Leave me a little hello or SOMETHING!

*pouts in the corner*

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My little Peanut Butter...

Maddie's cake was again, gluten free and egg free. She wanted Tinkerbell so I begged the lady at the Safeway bakery to let me buy just the topper. Maddie is STILL talking about her cake.

Snow Pictures!

We got a good amount of snow around Christmas so Todd and Dallin decided to take full advantage of living on a golf course. There are a few small hills that were perfect for sledding! Of course, it's warmed up and all the snow is melted now, but they had fun while it lasted.

Trying pictures...

My beautiful friend, Ruth is a hairdresser and she cuts my hair (and Maddie's). I'm SO blessed to have her in my life. She's so wonderful to have around!!

I could NOT get her to smile in this one!!

Gotta love Target PJ clearance...of course they had NOTHING girly in Maddie's size!

This one just cracks me up. The true talent of a 3 year old is her ability to dress herself. Here we have a purple shirt, her apron, NO pants, snow boots and knit gloves. Lovely, dear. Just beautiful.

Friday, January 23, 2009

And since I seem to be blogging for my amusement only...

I'm really having a hard time getting pictures to load properly so I'm heading to bed and I'll try again tomorrow. I've got LOTS of pictures!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some things I'm grateful for...

My kids have made me laugh so much today and Dallin's prayer included "please bless mama's foot, and please bless us to be nice". (I broke my toe a couple weeks ago, I didn't feel it was that exciting to create a post about it). He's so sweet to include me.

Todd is amazing. He works so hard to provide for our family and he's great with the kids. I'm so proud of him and so grateful for him.

My siblings. What a big year we have coming up! A wedding, a baby, a new house!

My parents. I don't feel like I need to elaborate much here. When you become a parent, you finally appreciate all the hard work that YOUR parents put into raising you. Thanks Mom and Dad!

I'm grateful for the church in my life. Our stake presidency gave us a "focus, challenge and promise" this year. The fireside Sunday night was wonderful, and full of hope and joy for the future.

I'm grateful for gluten free foods so Maddie can have pizza when the rest of us are.

I'm grateful for our home. Safe, secure and simple.
I'm grateful for cars that run. I never worry that it's not going to start.
I'm grateful for the scriptures and the counsel in them.
I'm grateful for our Prophet and his counselors.
I'm grateful for the snow, and rain.
I'm grateful for a sunny day in the middle of January.

I could keep going but I need to get her royal majesty to bed.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

If you were my SD card reader...

Where would you be? I'd like to get Maddie's birthday pictures off of the camera please.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

3 years ago...

3 years ago Todd and I decided that we needed to find somewhere to live when we moved away from the military and since I still had 5/6 weeks left of my pregnancy, he decided to go that weekend. Both of us has a weird feeling about him leaving, but neither of us mentioned it to the other until later...and now we know why.

Because 3 years ago, my water broke at 5 AM, 5/6 weeks early and I had no husband to take me to the hospital. I tried calling his cell phone but it went straight to his voicemail. I was terrified. I called 2 neighbors. One was more pregnant than I was (by about 2 weeks) and the other was a newlywed. The newlywed stayed with my sleeping Dallin while I called an ambulance to come and get me and take me to the hospital. I didn't think it would be a great idea to drive myself the 45 minutes it would take to get there. I called my parents, I called my friend in Tennessee...I called Todd...again. No answer.

Ambulance came. I had nothing packed. My waters kept making a mess (contrary to popular belief, it doesn't stop once it continually replenishes itself...and makes a BIG mess.) I tried to throw a few things in a backpack but I wasn't thinking straight. I had no idea what to bring. The EMT's arrived. Wonderful. I went to the back room to change my pants (again...and yes I had put a pad on but it wasn't a big help). They loaded me into the ambulance. I begged them not to turn on the lights and sirens. They laughed at me. I called Todd again.

We made it to the hospital. I was admitted quickly. They asked me if I was sure it was my water. I told them to take a look at my pants. Duh. I didn't wet myself. I called Todd again.

My mom was on her way. She had called the in-laws who were trying to reach Todd. My OB did a quick ultrasound to make sure she was head down and then they put me in a room. To wait. Alone.

at 7:20 Todd called. He was on his way. His parents had somehow gotten a hold of the family Todd was staying with, and the dad had gone driving around Alamosa to find Todd to tell him to turn his phone on because his wife was in the hospital. Hehehe...I wish I could have seen his face.

My sweet, very pregnant neighbor showed up. Bless her. She told me "I don't want you to have to do this alone, I'll wait here until Todd or your mom shows up". And she did. For 5 hours she waited with me, answered my phone while I was knocked out with nubaine. They wanted to give me Pitocin. I wouldn't let them until I got an epidural. I know what pitocin does. I didn't want to feel it.

Todd showed up at 1. Same time the drug guy did. Worst epidural ever. Mom showed up shortly after that.

And Maddie arrived at 4:30.

She was blue. And floppy. And not crying. I listened while they worked on her and then she let out a small wail. They showed her to me and took her away. I was scared.

Doctor spent an hour putting me back together. Apparently Maddie is some sort of a contortionist because she actually crowned with her FOOT by her head. Thanks for that chica.

When my epidural wore off I could visit her. She was connected to a bunch of wires. And monitors. Her skin was beat red from the heat lamp. I couldn't hold her. My heart broke. But we were lucky.

It took less time than most. Only 24 hours and she was off oxygen and 3 days after she was born we were going home.

She's been a spitfire since day 1 but I wouldn't trade her for the world. If anyone is wondering why we don't have another one already...let's just say that this is the condensed version of the story. I've had 2 kids and 2 very traumatic deliveries. I'm still trying to convince myself I CAN do it again.

SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY little Peanut. Which is what we've called you since you were born. 5 pounds and 18 inches long. No name for 3 days. So Peanut it was...and you will always be my little Peanut...Peanut Butter!! (and jelly)

Pictures's been a long day.