Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fun day!!

Todd let me sleep in (bless him!!!) and we got up and went back to Durango. We rode our bikes along the river walk (which we've done a million times) played at the park, ate lunch at Serious Texas BBQ, then decided to go further to Silverton to see if the leaves were changing. They were and it was SO beautiful!! We walked around the little town and stopped in some stores. Everyone is having huge sales because the town shuts down at the end of October. The roads get so bad when it snows no one tries to go there and the railroad doesn't go there in the winter.

We went back to Durango, walked around a couple stores and headed home. It was a long day, but fun and wonderful to get out of the house. And the kids were reasonably behaved. Dallin threw a fit when he figured out we were going home "but I HATE Farmington mom!!!!" and Maddie threw a fit in Silverton for some unknown reason other than she wanted to "wat" which is "walk" and I was carrying her on my back. I took her down and she threw a fit right on her face. Graceful I tell you!

Overall, it was a fun day. I took a shower, fed the kids and checked my emails and I will be going to bed early because I'm still completely wiped out!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Tired...SO tired.

I don't think anyone can TRULY understand exhaustion until they have been up countless nights in a row with a sick child. I don't even know how many times Maddie woke last night, but it was enough that again, in the morning when Dallin came in my room to ask for his usual "chocolate milk and a waffle" I honestly couldn't even open my eyes.

But I knew I had a massive amount of stuff on my "to do" list including the enormous pile of laundry in the room and a sink half full of dirty dishes. The only reason it wasn't completely full was because Todd did some last night.

The sleep deprivation is killing me. I'm not a good mom when I'm this tired. The kids watch entirely too much TV, my house falls apart and we eat pizza and chicken nuggets more times than I'd like to count.

*sigh* I can only hope that tonight's sleep is better than last.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My poor little Maddie girl...

I feel so terrible for her. She was up several times last night with a fever and rapid breathing. I couldn't sleep knowing she felt so terrible. Today she's just been laying on the floor with all her animals. She's hysterical trying to carry them ALL at the same time and only having 2 arms. She gets SO mad when she drops one.

Here's my poor sick princess laying on the floor.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Grocery fun fun...and Maddie's sick AGAIN!

Todd and I have really re-done (or FINALLY figured out) a grocery budget. He gives me cash twice a month and I spend it. I HATE grocery shopping. I truly do. I hate trying to figure out what my family will eat, making a detailed list of what I need, cutting coupons, dragging both kids to the store (and I go to 2 stores because I refuse to buy wal-mart milk/produce/meat). And knowing that I get to actually COOK it. Yeah. Not my idea of fun.

But today was different. Our AM trip to Wal-Mart resulted in only a very small tantrum by Dallin "but I waaaant a DONUT!!!" and a short screaming fit by Maddie who was on my back in a Beco Baby carrier. I handed her a slice of wheat bread and she stopped. Apparently she was hungry. Go figure.

So I get the Wal-Mart part of the shopping over with. $122 later I have just about everything on my list. We go home, I fix sandwiches (Dallin's "cold cheese" which I suppose is the opposite of grilled cheese) and I take Dallin to preschool. Usually he LOVES preschool. His teachers actually come to the car to get them out and put them in (which is wonderful when Maddie falls asleep) but today, he came RUNNING back to the car in TEARS before I drove off saying that he missed me and wanted more hugs. I felt awful leaving him but his teachers assured me he'd be fine. And of course he was.

After dropping him off, Maddie and I ran to Safeway to get produce, chicken, milk, cottage cheese etc. and some random stuff that was on sale. I was SO excited after I handed the cashier my pile of coupons, my total went from $142 to $77. Yeah me! And this will last 2 weeks PLUS I've been buying extra for our food storage.
We also have 15 gallons of water under Maddie's toddler bed. Woohoo!

Maddie woke from her nap with a low grade fever (99.8) and her nose was still running from the last ear infection she had just been treated for (10 days ago). I knew that this was not a good sign and after Todd came home from work and I fed everyone dinner (salmon, alfredo w/ veggies and cookies for dessert) I took her to Urgent care where sure enough, we find that her right ear is STILL infected. Yipee. So the doctor put her on a stronger antibiotic, which no doubt will give her the runs, but hopefully it will kick it quickly.
I'm hoping to get some sleep tonight and find out if our insurance will cover tubes for Maddie tomorrow. I can't imagine going through another winter like last one. Ugh.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Take 2...

I don't have anything really interesting to say today. Nope. I've been cleaning and sewing all day. Shame on me. On a Sunday. But it HAS to be done or I get behind. I swear, if I leave dishes in the sink overnight, they mate and the next morning I have twice as many. Dishes are like rabbits I tell you!

So Maddie was up ALL night. Why? I have NO clue. She had a double ear infection about 10 days ago, but was on antibiotics and SHOULD be better. Her nose is still running green so I may have to take her back in, BUT NO ONE is taking new patients right now. There is a serious shortage of doctors here in Farmington. Boo. I took her to the Urgent Care clinic last time because it was my ONLY option. *sigh* I want to get her in to an ENT and get tubes in because seriously, this is her 10th ear infection in 20 months.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

First Blog Entry

So I have been meaning to get a blog going for, oh, a LONG time. I had a xanga account many moons ago, but forgot the password and well...yeah. Life kind of got in the way of things.

So, I don't have much to blog about today, I just wanted to get it started. So there ya go. First blog entry. Ta da!