Sunday, September 16, 2007

Take 2...

I don't have anything really interesting to say today. Nope. I've been cleaning and sewing all day. Shame on me. On a Sunday. But it HAS to be done or I get behind. I swear, if I leave dishes in the sink overnight, they mate and the next morning I have twice as many. Dishes are like rabbits I tell you!

So Maddie was up ALL night. Why? I have NO clue. She had a double ear infection about 10 days ago, but was on antibiotics and SHOULD be better. Her nose is still running green so I may have to take her back in, BUT NO ONE is taking new patients right now. There is a serious shortage of doctors here in Farmington. Boo. I took her to the Urgent Care clinic last time because it was my ONLY option. *sigh* I want to get her in to an ENT and get tubes in because seriously, this is her 10th ear infection in 20 months.