Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Poisonous Gas

Dallin and I were having a conversation about family and heaven. We were talking about my Papa Buzz who passed away a few years ago and Dallin asked "how do we die mama?" I told him there are a lot of ways that we can die (not really wanting to go into details) and he said..."yeah, like poisonous gas".

Where he got that from, I have no idea but it made me laugh.


Trace Gibson said...

Shanee??? I can't believe it! You look gorgeous and your kids are so darling it's RIDICULOUS! I love that name--Maddie. So we just barely moved into a new house and I'm scheduled to have a C-section in a week (crazy, right?) I'd email you but I can't figure that "mail" stuff out. So fun to peek in and scroll through your blog. Where are you guys living? I want to know more, but I'm afraid I'm the worst with keeping in touch (and don't expect to be any better with a new baby boy on the way). Sorry this is such a long comment, but I couldn't believe it when I saw your comment on my much neglected mess of a blog. Take care of that cute family! Love, Trace

Curtis Family said...

That's hilarious. it sounds like it might be from a comic strip or something!