Sunday, June 21, 2009

Alpine Slide fun!

We took the kids up to Durango again yesterday to see how Maddie would do on the Alpine slide. She wasn't sure about the chairlift ride up, but LOVED the slide down! She yelled Weeeehoooo! The whole way down with me. I asked Todd what she did when she rode with him and he said "nothing, other than yelling "daddy!!! GO FASTER!!!"" hehehehe!

Dallin is almost old enough to ride by himself. Next year buddy :)

They both did the bungee trampoline, but Maddie didn't like it at ALL. So she probably won't do that again! Dallin LOVES it though and goes really high!

Maddie also found a dandelion and held on to it the whole ride down with Daddy. Click on the pictures and it will make them bigger. You'll see the dandelion in her hand.

And the result of smelling the dandelion:


Tiffany*Adam*Jocelyn said...

I am SOOO jealous! I wish we were with you guys in Durango. I told Adam we WILL be going after Parker is born. I bet the weather is perfect. Maddie and Dallin are so adorable. I wish I had advice for you on how to get Maddie to sleep in her own bed but I don't have any. :) Good luck with that. We love you and miss you guys so much!

Michele and Todd said...

I hope you don't mind me visiting your blog. Came across it in a round about way. I am Isaac Askeroth's mom. Your Todd use to be Isaac's favorite Teenager when he was a kid. He was such a great example and to my Isaac. Isaac will graduate from the police academy on Wed. Oct.21, 2009 and will be a cop in Cedar City, Utah. He will turn 27 in December and has two kids. Your kids are sure cute. Do you live in Colorado? Ouray and Silverton are among our favorite places in the world.