Sunday, December 16, 2007

Getting ready...

Christmas is fast approaching and I am struggling to get my head on straight so I we can leave Wednesday or Thursday (depends on the weather).

I have a few sewing projects to complete (shhh don't tell Todd, he thinks I'm done!) I need to finish packing, wipe the bathrooms down again, mop the kitchen floor (which I did tonight, but it will need it again before we leave) change the fish's water and feed it, get several packages in the mail (including one going to Canada, which means I have to go to the Post office and stand in line)...

Dallin has his Preschool Christmas program tomorrow night. He has a cough. Do I send him? I think I'll give him some cough/cold meds and pray he can stay awake for it. I think he'd be really sad if he missed it and besides, I KNOW that's where he picked it up!
I'm praying VERY hard that the kids are better by Friday because I really want to get together with Rachel, but I don't want to subject her children to the crud mine have. PLEEEEEEASE get better kids! Can we be healthy for just 1 week? Please?
I really don't have anything exciting to share. Too tired. Please tell Maddie to go to bed. We took a late nap and I'm sure she'll be up till Midnight again. Problem is, the landlord is coming at 8AM to check on the heater which means I need to be dressed and presentable by then. Heaven help me I need a break please!