Wednesday, December 5, 2007


How long has it been? Uh. Too long.

Lets' see. Thanksgiving we went home to Pinetop and spent some time with Todd's family. We also had the pleasure of spending time with my wonderful Grandma and Grandpa. Papa let me play with his nice camera. Oh how I would LOVE a camera like that (Nikon D80) but it's SO not in the budget this year seeing as Todd already bought me a laptop and an ipod nano. Can you belive this is the first ipod I've ever owned. Yes. I live under a rock.

The kids had a wonderful time swinging on the huge swing outside. If I can figure out this windows vista bologna I'll get those pictures loaded.
And of course Maddie is sick again (what would a post be without an illness???) This time I scheduled her in with the allergist in town who also happens to be the ENT that did her tubes. Her appointment was today and he agreed that SOMETHING is not right with her and ordered a full allergen screen. They took 3 HUGE vials of blood and she was SO angry about being held down. Thankfully she has a rockin' vein in her right arm so they only had to poke her once. And let me tell you, once was enough thankyouverymuch. Oy! So now we wait for the results and HOPEFULLY at that point we'll get some answers. Say a little prayer for answers, I don't know how much testing I can put her through :(

And here are some pictures I took with my new camera (that I bought with my very own sewing money woot!) that will probably be made into Christmas cards if I get busy and get them done...but yeah. I'm not really motivated right now. And yes they are sideways. Sorry. Just turn your head. Like I said...still trying to figure out this windows vista. Blah!


The Wizzle said...

Oh, my goodness! Your kids are to die for! Look at Maddie's pout!