Friday, May 23, 2008

The crud...

I'm not sure where it came from but it has joined our family for the last week or so. It started with Maddie and a runny nose. It caught Dallin and gave him a tickle in his throat. I got that tickle Monday. Dallin's tickle turned into a cough. A cough so intense that he would throw up and turn blue, Then a fever. And a "mom it hurts in my ear". After 2 doctor trips (why we didn't catch the ear thing the day before is beyond me, but the doctor said his ears were fine 24 hours earlier). So D and I are on antibiotics. Maddie has started coughing tonight (it sounds like drainage, and I'm praying it doesn't get worse!!) We were supposed to leave for Arizona today for a week, but that trip has been postponed. We are leaving Monday if everyone is doing better. Wednesday is as late as I can leave so we all BETTER be well by then!

That said, I can't complain too much. We haven't been too sick since February. I think that's pretty good considering Dallin is still going to prechool.
And speaking of Dallin, he finally fell asleep (he took a LATE nap 5-7PM) so I'm going to get my sick rear in bed too.


Chris Paxman said...

oh no! I hope you all are feelin better today.

Chris Paxman said...

hey shanee,
I can't get to my work email from home this weekend and I am trying to get caught up on my projects.
Can you email me a mailing address to my gmail account again.
Chris Paxman

Rex and Koren said...

Hey Shanee, I was wondering if this was you. Where are you guys living now?