Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I am so grateful for SO much. I am so blessed. I wanted to list some of the things I was thinking about tonight. (And fair warning, some are really silly!!) In no particular order (although my family IS what I am most grateful for)

1. My Family
2. My family's health
3. My health
4. Our new house that is so insulated that it only varies about 5 degrees inside when it varies 50 outside. LOVE that!!
5. Our church, and the peace it brings to my life
6. Food (yeah I like to eat, but more importantly, I'm grateful we can feed our children)
7. 2 cars that run. And mine gets 26 mpg. Love it.
8. Todd's job that provides for our family
9. Gluten free foods for Maddie. I'm grateful we live in a time when they are available
10. Ok this is super dumb, but I'm grateful for my new fridge that doesn't smell like butt. The fridge we used at the rental was clean (after I took BLEACH to it, but still stunk). Oh, and I'm grateful my fridge has a water dispenser. Cold water mmmmm...
11. Bathtubs with slanted backs so I can lay down and read. You know, when I have 5 minutes to myself. The kids think this feature is a slide. "I slide down mama" Maddie says. Oy!
12. An incredibly talented little sister who cut and dyed my hair at cosmo school for $37. Last time I went to a salon it cost me $100 more that that!!
13. Reading with my kids. They are SO smart. It amazes me.
14. The 2 hours between the time when the kids go to sleep and I go to sleep. Ah...quiet.
15. Good friends
16. Outside and sunshine
17. Temps in the 70's.
18. Cute shoes that don't hurt my feet.
19. Garage door openers that work. Let me tell you how not fun they are when they DON'T work.
20. Ok I could keep going but it's late. SO this is the last one...I'm grateful for baby/toddler kisses. Nothing is quite as sweet as your child giving you a hug and a kiss and telling you "I wuf you mama". Awwww.


Tiffany and Adam said...

Hey sis. I'm also grateful for a lot of the same. Isn't it great having a loving healthy family? Can't wait to see you guys! love ya.