Friday, November 16, 2007

Back from the dead...or something like that

So the kids have been sick, then we went to Phoenix for Josh and Emma's wedding. It was awesome, BTW. We got to see Adam and Tiff's little sweetie. Then this past week I have been trying to get caught up on laundry and housecleaning so we can go back to Arizona next week for Thanksgiving. Oh, and the list of custom orders is getting smaller too. Finally.

But yeah. Now I am sick with the crud the kids have had and I feel like poo so it's been forever since I've written. Not like anyone is really reading this or anything but still.
Here are some pictures from our recent trip to Albuquerque. Maddie had a pediatric cardiology appointment (everything is fine). We decided to take advantage of the situation and made it a mini-vacation. We stayed in the Embassy Suites and went to the zoo. And even better, my mom

met us there and the kids had a blast.


The Wizzle said...

Hey, I found your blog! I'll totally read it, and I'll even put you on my "list" for good measure.

David's brother is getting home from his mission, and it's my mom's and my BIL's birthday this weekend so I'll probably be too busy to get together when you're down. :( Maybe next time!

Tiffany and Adam said...

Shanee, your kids are so stinkin cute. we miss you guys so much and cant wait to see you at the christmas party. love you guys so much