Monday, October 15, 2007

The quest for the perfect jeans...

So I have started the never-ending quest for the perfect jeans. So many women have found "the pair" and I'm beginning to think that there ISN'T one out there for me. This lovely new body that has emerged from bearing children is no longer the body I once hated. It is a totally NEW body that I hate even MORE!! Yipee! Carrying children has forever stretched my stomach out so there is what so many refer to as "muffin topping" over the waistband of the jeans. I NEVER had a problem with my stomach before and this is just depressing. Of course it could be the extra 30 pounds I can't seem to get rid of too. Blah.
So I ordered a pair of "Not your Daughters Jeans" from They are SO soft, a perfect dark wash and 2 inches too high in the rise for this short waisted mama. I'm keeping them anyway though because as long as I'm wearing a shirt (which I plan to if I'm leaving the house thankyouverymuch) you can't really tell. And did I mention they are SOOOO soft?

Anyway. I'm still on the lookout for a nice pair of jeans that makes my rear perky, takes inches off my waist and slims my thighs.

Maybe I should just get liposuction.