Sunday, October 14, 2007

Writing for myself...

You know what I think is funny? All these people who blog and have thousands of visitors every day. Me? Well I don't have that many friends so I blog for myself, and my grandma if she feels like reading.
Today is Sunday October 14th. It marks the 1 year anniversary of my Papa Buzz's death. I still miss him daily. I miss how he would play his banjo and make up the SILLIEST songs. Everyone was "a big ol' drink of water" and dogs were "groggers" as in "good ol' grogger". No matter how busy he was, he'd take the time to play with us. We loved his coin collection, the scrap papers in his desk drawer with the high school math on them. We'd pretend they were secret code or a treasure map. Because after all, being 6 years old, calculus and trig all looked foreign. We loved his big ol' belly, it made the best pillow. And he gave the BEST hugs. I miss him so much, but I know that he's SO happy on the other side. His poor old body fought hard there at the end, with the cancer taking over his organs and sending him into renal failure. I remember talking to him a few days before he died. His throat was scratchy from the tubes but he still managed to tell me he loved me as I did nothing but sob into the phone.
I can't believe it's already been a year.

And on a completely different subject. The kids are STILL sick with this blasted cold. Maddie's nose is nasty and that's all I'm saying about it. Blech. And of course, after a week of fighting it off, my body has decided it was too tired and now I have a sore throat too. Hopefully everyone will be better by Thursday because the Wahlin's are coming for the "Charlie Brown Pumpkin Patch Train" in Durango. Should be fun!!