Thursday, October 11, 2007

Surgery Day

Maddie must have known something was up because she didn't sleep last night. She fell asleep at 9, got up at midnight and was up until 3 AM. Then again at 4:30 and 5:20. I nursed her for the last time and she was MAD at 6 when she couldn't nurse so we were up for the day. I think I got about 3 hours of sleep.

Since we were up, I went ahead and did her hair, got her dressed and sang some songs since she refused to sleep. We left a little before 7, it took 2 minutes to get there and we were signed in by 10 after 7. About 5 minutes later they called us back.

Now, this is one smart girl. She knew we were at a doctor's office, and she HATES doctors. She screamed the second they called her name. Oh she was SO mad when I took her clothes off and got her dressed in the scratchy yellow gown they provided. The nurses were all so in love with her pigtails "she looks like Cindy loo-who" they all said, and once she calmed down (thanks to a smart nurse with an annoying singing plush duck) she started talking to them. "what color is the duck?" they'd ask...she would every so brilliantly answer "purple". Because EVERYTHING is purple to Maddie.
When the ENT came back he said "ah yes, Miss Madison, the one with the attitude". Uh yeah. He about nailed it on the head.
The nurse took her out of my arms and I felt my heart leap. I hadn't even thought much about it and I wasn't nervous for more than just that split second. I went back out to the waiting room. No sooner had I sat down, looked at my phone to see what time it was (7:23) and put it back in my bag did the ENT come back out to talk to me. And 2 minutes after that the nurse came back to get me. He said "she's down the hall a bit, you'll hear her." And I think the entire surgery center heard her. She was LIVID coming out of the anesthesia. So mad. Wouldn't even nurse. Wouldn't let anyone touch her, tried to jump out of my arms. That was the worst part. She screamed all the way out to the car after I changed her diaper and got her dressed. She screamed all the way home. I thought for sure it was going to be but we got home, slept an hour before Todd had to head to work and when she woke up, she was FINE. And a totally different kid already. She must have felt REALLY awful all this time because she was SO good today. When the tylenol would wear off, she'd say "hurt" while sticking her fingers in both ears, but pain relief is quick in liquid form. Bless her heart.

So it's over. We will see if this makes a difference in her sleep. Oh PLEASE let it make a difference in her sleep. I am SO tired.

And Dallin. My special, sweet little boy. He is such a good big brother. He kept asking if she was ok and gave her lots of love today. I LOVE it when they love each other. It makes me see why my parents had so many.

And yes, I took a picture this morning before we left, but the camera software is re-downloading after our computer crash so I'll have to post a picture later :) Adios for now!