Saturday, March 29, 2008

I know you all missed me...

To all my 3 readers out there, I'm sorry about the couple days I haven't posted. Well, no I'm not. We've been gone with my parents and youngest brother Cody (who will be 13 in about a week). We spent some time in Silverton, CO and Durango, CO for the last few days. This included staying at the historic (and kind of crooked) Teller Hotel. I think it threw Maddie off a little because she kept laying down in the hallway like it was making her dizzy. We were the only ones there that night so we got the whole place to ourselves. It was an adventure. Let's just say I was SO grateful for the king size fluffy bed at the Hampton in Durango the next night!
We walked around a little bit, ate at the Brown Bear cafe for both dinner and breakfast because in the winter just about everything in Silverton is closed. We went sledding at Kendall Mountain which was REALLY fun, but Maddie wasn't sure what to think of the snow.
We went to the Venture snowboard shop and I stayed out in front with the kids while the rest of the family went "backstage" to see the factory. The kids LOVED the resident cats that live in the shop. They were fat and friendly.

We left Silverton after our sledding adventure and returned to Durango where we walked around on Main street, ran through the train museum because it was closing, saw one of the steam trains pull in (and run over some pennies).

We returned to the Hampton a wee bit early because really, we were all exhausted.
This morning we got up and puttered around for awhile. We ate the complimentary breakfast that the Hampton provided, and went to the Durango Museum.

We walked along the river, went to the health food store and decided that because Maddie, because she is the royal princess in charge of everything was throwing a fit, we should return to Farmington and let her sleep in the car. It worked out well and no sooner had we started out of town when we heard her snoring from the back seat. *phew*
We ate a late lunch at Red Lobster before they returned to Taylor.
It was SO wonderful spending time with the family, I wish everyone could have come. It's kind of weird only having ONE of my siblings with us, but it was still really really fun. I hope they come back soon.
And if anyone else wants to come visit, we are 45 minutes from Durango, about an hour and 45 from Silverton. We love visitors! Oh and we'll have a HOUSE in about 2 weeks! Woohooo!!


Jensen Family said...

Look like you guys had a fun time with your family! I love it when family or anyone comes to visit us, too! Do you know a guy named Josh Hatch? He is from Farmington and I don't know if he still lives there. He was my husbands roommate when we were dating.

The Papa Family said...

Sounds like so much fun! We go to Silverton every year in the summer, my dad is into jeeping. :) I didn't know you lived in Farmington. They have a crappy Hobby Lobby. :)

Jeremiah and Heidi said...

Hi Shanee,
I came across your blog and how crazy you guys went to Silverton and out of all the little places you stayed, you stayed at the one I lived and worked at for a summer. The Teller House! My family, like Jill said, go to Silverton almost every summer. How fun to live so close.
Heidi Joncas (Merrill)

Tiffany and Adam Lee said...

We wish we could have been there too. It looks like you guys had so much fun. We'll definitely make it out there soon! Love ya

Andrea said...

How fun!

Sarah Bowen said...

Sounds like you had a good time on your little vacation. I am glad that you found our blog. Now Clay and Todd will be able to hear about eachother at least thru us!

Emily K & Jacob A said...

I just wanted to say I love the little picture that shows up with your comments. It's so cute.