Friday, March 21, 2008

Park fun! Great weather!

We really couldn't ask for better park weather these last few days. We took advantage of Dallin being out of school to have a picnic at the park with our friends. The kids had a wonderful time and it made Maddie tired enough that she had a GREAT nap!

We spent the afternoon grocery shopping (which I HATE doing with two kids!!) and picking up the house because tomorrow Todd and I are headed back to Purgatory one last time to ski/snowboard. Unless an awesome storm comes in, we're guessing this will be the last week with decent snow.

Here are a few pictures at the park. Sorry, no pictures of the grocery shopping. I'm sure you're so disappointed!

And HELLO, I'm getting 20+hits a day and no comments. No one has anything to say? *sad face*


April said...

Hi Shanee- I really don't know if you remember me, but we were in the same ward way way back- Sunny Mesa. this is April (Ashby). i found your blog on rachel's. hope all is going well for ya! it's been forever!

ltandjbcox said...

Hey, this is Katie Cox's mom, Joyce. I was with Katie at a Relief Society Birthday dinner in her new ward down in Peoria and met your dad's sister!. I could see the resemblance in the eyes. I am a recent blogger and know what you mean when you wonder if anyone is peeking at your blog.
Congrats on the new house. . . Your kids are adorable and I'm sure they keep you busy.