Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some big news!

No, I'm not pregnant (shame on you for thinking that!!). I refuse to even try for another child until I get rid of the 30 pounds of baby weight that won't go away. So don't go there.
We are buying a house! I am very excited, and nervous at the same time. This will be our third move in 3 years. I am tired of moving. Hopefully we'll be there for awhile. I'll post pictures as we get closer to the closing date.

I have to admit, I'm better at reading other people's blogs than updating my own. Why? Well that would be because I don't think anyone reads my blog.

But just in case there is someone out there who is going through picture withdrawl, here is a very silly picture of my kids. Notice Dallin's shoes are on the wrong feet...AGAIN. I can't see how that is comfortable at all. Maddie never has them on the wrong feet, probably because she's a bit more particular than Dallin is.
And if anyone is wondering why I don't post pictures of myself. Read the first paragraph again.


Team Seguritan said...

It was nice to hear from you. You look great, as do the kids. I'll have to check out more of your blog when I have more time.


Tiffany and Adam said...

I read your blog missy! We miss you guys so much. We'll definitely be out there when you move into your new house. I'm having Shanee, Maddie, Dallin and Todd withdrawals. Love you.

Chris Paxman said...

Hi there!
I saw your blog when I was commenting on KT's.
This thing is so fun...its like high school --- ha ha ha.
Your kiddos are so cute!
Talk to ya later,


Team Seguritan said...

Hey, so I went to enrichment the other night and I'm in your aunts ward! We just reorganized our wards and so our neighborhood got put into a new ward. We've been hear almost 3 weeks. Anyway, I can't remember her name...Le-something. I feel bad that I don't remember, but just know that I will be seen your aunt at church tomorrow :)

Jensen Family said...

Hey Shannee just wanted to say hi and you have such a cute family! I saw your blog off of someone else's! I like seeing people's blogs that I haven't seen for years! You can check mine out if you want

Kim (Cottam)